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Supporter of the Appraisers Forum

Supporter of the Appraisers Forum   Greatly Appreciated with Thanks!


March, 2010

24     AIC Toronto Chapter

February, 2010

23     AIC Credit Valley Chapter

April, 2009

22     AIC Toronto Chapter

February, 2009

21     AIC Credit Valley Chapter

January, 2008

20     AIC Toronto

December, 2007

19     AIC Toronto           

December, 2006

18     AIC Credit Valley           

April, 2006

17     Roger     Appreciate having the AppraiserChat and talking to appraisers across Canada. This may represent an insignificant portion but weighed against the total sum, but if contributed annually, and everyone contributed, hopefully your costs would be defrayed a substantial amount.     

August, 2005

16     Victor     Keep Up The Good Work!!     

February, 2005

15     Danielle  
14     Barry     What can appraisers do to be proactive? We can communicate, exchange ideas and pick up some new concepts or understanding of issues. My thanks to Mike for his dedication.
13     Kenneth
12     Robert
11     Catherine     I would like to thank you for creating the forum. Super job. What a resourceful tool to have!     

January, 2005

10     Marryanne           
9     John     Keep up the good work. Very interesting!     
8     AIC Toronto           
7     Wayne     Thank you for giving us access to an open forum.     
6     David     Ready discussion and debate with peers is essential in today's changing appraisal environment.     
5     Ed     Good job!     
4     Donald           
3     David     Great Forum! Nice to talk to other appraisers across Canada     
2     Don           
1     Ramsey     Thank You!. Your efforts are appreciated.




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